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In the unfortunate but necessary event of a divorce between you and your spouse, preserving the well-being of your children will be of the utmost priority. One of the most challenging but crucial parts of the divorce process is determining an arrangement between both parents that will be in the best interest of the children not just in the present, but far into the future as well.

For this delicate situation, you will need the dependable advice of our Putnam County child custody attorney. At the Addair Law Office PLLC, our law attorneys can fight to safeguard the physical, mental, and emotional health of your children, while carefully navigating the challenging balance of eliminating conflict between both parties rights. Our Cabell County family lawyer is experienced in finding alternative solutions and strategies of tactful compromise to safeguard your children's emotional state.

What Do Judges Look For In Child Custody Cases?

The judge's primary concern is to do what is in the very best interest of the child. The child’s best interest requirement is the overall concern. The judge will want to know that the homes are safe, steady, and secure for children. Any custody hearing’s main concern includes visitation rights and a parenting strategy that gives many advantages to you and your child.

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How Do I Figure Out Conservatorship?

One of the primary ways that parents can provide for their children’s needs while the marriage is being severed is through something called Joint Managing Conservatorship (JMC). When the Cabell County court system believes that both parents must be directly engaged in the lives of their children, the judge will often order Joint Managing Conservatorship.

To make a plan that works for each parent, a draft must be established between the two parents, stating when a child will spend time or stay over at one parent's home. These times and dates could be divided in numerous ways, from alternating workweeks to divided weekends. Even if the county court decides to give what is known as "sole managing conservatorship" to one of the parents, the other parent will be allowed to receive possessory conservatorship.

Types of Conservatorship

A conservator is a person who acts as a guardian or protector for a young or vulnerable person. In the State of West Virginia, there are two primary types of conservators for children involved in a custody suit.

These primary types of conservators are:

  • Manager conservator – If a parent is set to be a managing conservator, he or she will maintain all the larger, influential responsibilities and services that come with caring for a child. A child will still be able to receive any potential will from either side of the family, as organized by the MC. However, the manager conservator who is holding the child’s assets and inheritance will also be the one to control and manage exactly when the child can utilize these resources, so long as they are still minors. Typically, this role involves being responsible for a child’s education, medical and psychological care, financial and legal rights, religion and moral education, extra-curricular activities, and consent to marriage or serving in the armed forces.
  • Possessory conservator – If a parent in WV has this role, they usually only get to visit their children under the schedule that has been prescribed by the court. They can still pass on assets to the child in the form of inheritance as well. However, they will not make the defining decisions of childcare.

Providing a Safe & Secure Transition

No matter which role you will have as a parent, all involved parties are responsible for caring for and protecting a child's physical, mental, and emotional needs. This is no mere duty for you, but something you desire to do out of love for your children. Therefore, to make sure the transition of child custody goes smoothly and is the least disturbing to your child's way of life, it is critical to receive the aid of our dependable Putnam County child custody lawyer, serving families in Putnam, Lincoln & Cabell County, West Virginia.

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