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Our Putnam County child support lawyer understand the process of divorce is usually a painful one for all the parties involved, but especially if they have children together. Not only are there high emotions about the emotional conflict that ended the relationship, but inevitably there comes a time when the separated partners need to settle financial issues as well. Figuring out a balanced arrangement for child support can be a delicate and tricky business. In many cases in Cabell County, fairly distributing assets and debts related to raising the child tends to cause tension, as either or both parties may heatedly contest who has to pay what. Add in other complications, such as education funds, organization of trusts, designations for succeeding one’s family business, and many other issues which appear during a custody struggle, and you may have a battle on your hands.

Regrettably, the people who are affected most by divorce proceedings are the children. Emotional trauma from divorce, the scars of physical and psychological abandonment, can last for many years. If a divorce proceeding is filled with additional and unnecessary drama and conflict, the impact on a child’s well-being can be even more damaging. Our child support lawyer in Putnam County, is very sensitive to these issues. Addair Law Office PLLC can defuse tense situations while helping you get the best possible form of financial support for your family serving Cabell County & Putnam County.

Can A Lawyer Help Reduce Child Support?

A family law attorney can help parents with child support concerns including developing, imposing, and changing support payments. Your attorney can help you prepare for the hearing, gather crucial evidence, and present your case to the court. It would be an excellent concept to hire a child custody attorney.

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Guidelines for Child Support

When it comes to determining exactly how much each parent should contribute in supporting their child, West Virginia utilizes a set of guidelines or standards. These aspects are very important in aiding a judge to figure out how to organize and distribute the costs of child support in the scenario that parents cannot themselves come to an agreement.

Some of the characteristics which the court considers when determining child support division include:

  • The salary or income made by each parent
  • The tax status of each parent
  • The number of children that the parents share
  • The number of days and amount of time that each parent usually spends with the child
  • The accrued expenses of health insurance and bills
  • The designation of supporting children from other partnerships
  • Costs of daycare

When Can I Modify Child Support?

After the initial plan has been decreed by the judge and set into motion, there are still potential opportunities to revise the amounts of payment, depending on the circumstances. The designation of funds could be increased or diminished if a child's financial needs have suddenly changed or if the parents' income has altered. This only occurs in occasional circumstances, not as a general rule. However, our knowledgeable child custody attorneys in WV, can help if you need modification for any reason when dealing with child support.

Resolving Conflict Peacefully

If you are seeking a child support attorney in Putnam County, let Addair Law Office PLLC give you empathetic and determined guidance, serving Cabell County & Putnam County. Our child support lawyers have the experience of tactfully gaining the best financial situation for you and your family, while treating the event with respect and compassion to defuse any conflict.

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