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After going through the painful process of divorce, you are likely eager to move on to the rest of your life, away from all the stress and anxiety you experienced. Unfortunately, in some cases, a divorce does not completely sever the connections between you and your partner, especially if you have children. While the most optimum scenario would have been that the first custody process settled everything, life is constantly throwing curveballs. You or your former partner may come to the point where your current income and salary do not meet your family's needs, or you believe that a more balanced distribution of time spent with your children would be better for their well-being.

Whatever the situation, you will need to contact our skilled modification and enforcement lawyer in Putnam County, to help you set things straight. Whether you need to amend certain aspects of either you or your former partner’s support and custody of your children, or whether you need to have a specific guideline re-enforced if your partner is not complying, it is crucial to have our experienced attorney Addair Law Office PLLC take your case.

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Modifications & Revisions to Child Support & Custody

At the time of your divorce, it may have seemed clear exactly what your schedule would be, and how you would have divided time to make sure your children were able to benefit from having both their parents in their lives. However, it’s been months or even years later, and as your children have grown up, or you and your ex-partners enter new relationships, the times and contexts have changed dramatically. When your schedule is no longer suitable for either you or your children’s needs, you may need to revise your original plan.

Alternatively, you or your former partner may have suddenly experienced a setback in your salary and income, which would greatly affect the ability to pay child support. Such conditions are regrettable and almost always unforeseen, but it is necessary to alter the first agreement for the good of the children.

Enforcement of Custody & Support Orders

Regrettably, another type of situation we often encounter at our firm are clients whose former spouses are refusing to stick to their original obligations as ordered by the court. Not only can this be challenging and stressful to you as a parent juggling many tasks, but this is often emotionally draining and even toxic to your child’s well-being. When your previous partner rejects the orders of the court, you might need powerful enforcement.

Some of the example situations which might justify court-ordered reinforcement include:

  • Your former spouse refuses to comply with child support payments
  • Your former spouse ignores the monetary or property obligations they were supposed to give you following the divorce
  • Your previous spouse does not fulfill the regulated requirements for spousal payments
  • Your ex-spouse is refusing to adhere to schedules for visiting your children, which had been outlined before the divorce took place

Navigating Sensitive Situations

If going through the process of divorce was a stressful time, returning to modify or enforce parts of custody and support are even more volatile situations. You can trust in our experienced, empathetic modification and enforcement attorney in Putnam County, to navigate this delicate situation and provide for the good of yourself and your whole family. We serve the needs of clients in Putnam County and Cabell County as well.

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