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While no part of the divorce process can be considered pleasant, one of the most complicated and frustrating aspects is that of spousal support. When it comes to determining the alimony obligations for either spouse, the situation can arise in severe forms of conflict between both parties, making the already complicated process all the more stressful.

This is why you could immediately get in touch with our spousal support attorney in Putnam County, if you are ever struggling with figuring out terms of alimony with your former partner. The Addair Law Office PLLC is extremely experienced with handling these cases of dispute and turmoil with competence, respect, and empathy, carefully navigating the situation to avoid outbursts of discord. Perhaps you require spousal support due to your sudden loss of income, or maybe your former expects you to pay an absurdly high and unfair amount. No matter the problem, we can powerfully safeguard your rights while offering sensitive support.

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Types of Spousal Support

There is more than one type of spousal support that is typically offered throughout the divorce, and it is important to distinguish the difference to see which would most appropriately apply to your situation. In either case, our attentive family law attorney is experienced at guarding your needs.

The two primary types of spousal support include:

  • Temporary spousal support This type of aid is given to one of the former partners in the midst of a divorce lawsuit, to help that person be sustained throughout the stress of the divorce process until they can get back on their feet again. The amount of aid given is usually based on an individual’s needs in a case-by-case situation.
  • Spousal maintenance – This type of support is awarded after the divorce to help a spouse be rehabilitated financially when the other partner is no longer acting as the primary provider. A person's eligibility for spousal alimony is quite complex, since it requires distinct evidences of proof that the spouse is unable to reasonably provide for themselves and their family.

Factors Influencing Spousal Support Awards

It is important to know what components influence whether or not a former partner will be successful in gaining alimony.

Some of the most key factors considered by the court when judging the amount of support a spouse should receive include:

  • Number of children relying on each former partner
  • The number of years that both partners were married
  • Any evidence of criminal activity or marital misbehavior, including cases of domestic violence
  • Each spouse’s physical, mental, and emotional capacities, along with their ages and previous employment background or earning prospects
  • Each spouse’s current level of education, repertoire of employable skills, as well as set periods of time that either partner would need to gain further training and education in order to gain employment and enough money to live on

Reliable Resolutions

When you are going through an alimony case, it is important to remember that you will not be the only one presenting evidence, but your former spouse will as well. Since each party is trying their best to prove their entitlement to alimony or their inability to pay alimony, the chances of tense conflict are very high. It is crucial to have our reliable Putnam County spousal support lawyer at your side. Serving throughout Putnam and Cabell County and defending your case in court with empathy but also aggressive evidence.

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